Oxbridge is dedicated to market specialist in selected countries where health care budgets are highly constrained
Research & Development


Oxbridge is trying to create innovative treatments on life-threatening diseases and prioritize our R&D activities based on unmet medical needs and strong scientific understanding of disease. 
Oxbridge is proud to bridge scientific discoveries from the lab bench and the hospitals where treatment of patients takes place every second. By focusing on the patient and following the science, Oxbridge is bringing innovative treatments for rare disorders to improve the lives of people.


While product development is mostly undertaken in collaboration with various biotech and pharmaceutical companies, we fully realise the importance of keeping pace with the development of new products and techniques to ensure delivery of the highest standards. Our partner companies are at the forefront of product evolution and in the development of analytical and safety techniques that help us to provide state-of-the-art products for our patients. 



Thus, the very latest technology is employed in the testing of all raw materials and finished product as well as in the manufacturing processes in between. Also, highly qualified and experienced scientists and doctors constantly review production methods and outcomes to ensure compliance with all national and international standards demanded for our products.