Aragam ®






Oxbridge has concluded a NHS National framework agreement for the supply of Normal Human Immunoglobulin(Aragam®) with Department of Health, the United Kingdom 


Human blood plasma is made up of blood cells suspended in a liquid known as plasma. This plasma contains many components including specialised proteins, minerals and hormones. These specialised proteins include immunoglobulins (also known as antibodies) and clotting factors (a number of individual molecules that work in concert to prevent and, at appropriate times, allow blood to “clot”).

Antibodies are built up in individuals as a response of the immune system to exposure to antigens (bacteria, viruses etc) and help protect individuals against many different kinds of diseases. However, due to abnormalities in their genes, some people are unable to produce a full range of these immunoglobulins and, as a result, they require replacement of these proteins in order to fight certain diseases and live a “normal” live.


Immunoglobulins are given as concentrated infusions of these specialised proteins prepared from blood that is donated by volunteers. In order to ensure that there is a minimal chance of transferring any infectious agent from donor to recipient, all donors are carefully screened and all donated blood is carefully tested for a wide range of possible agents.


Additionally, the manufacturing process by which the plasma products are produced includes several steps that remove or eliminate these infectious agents ensuring that there is an extremely low chance of any infection being transferred.Oxbridge’s immunoglobulin is used to treat a range of antibody deficiencies, autoimmune diseases and a number of extremely rare illnesses that are managed by the use of immunoglobuliins. Oxbridge products must be prescribed by and used entirely under the supervision of a specialist doctor with experience of using immunoglobulins.


Oxbridge has licensed Aragam®, a Human Normal Immunoglobulin. This preparation is for intravenous administration (directly into a vein), with 1.0g, 2.5g, 5g, 10g and 20g doses, already in solution for immediate administration.
For further documentation see the Patient Information Leaflets