Extension of NHS National framework agreement for the supply of Normal Human Immunoglobulin



In regard to the Framework Agreement appointing Oxbridge Pharma as a supplier of Normal Human Immunoglobulins, it is our pleasure to announce that Oxbridge Pharma Ltd has accepted an extension of the agreement for a 12 month period that was proposed by NHS, and will supply Aragam® through the period until the 31st May 2016.


Oxbridge is proud to continuously provide Aragam® to those people who are in need of this life saving medication in our home country.

One of the most successful Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)



Oxbridge is introduced as one of the most successful Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) on the UK Cabinet Office’s report


'Oxbridge Pharma Ltd is a small pharmaceutical company with six office-based staff that specialise in supplying pharmaceutical medicines. Over the past two years their engagement with government as an SME has been predominantly through the NHS. Building on this relationship, they have developed a solid business plan and are looking to grow their organisation across international markets.

Oxbridge Pharma Ltdís first engagement with government was via a framework tender, using it as a practice bid to understand the processes involved. Jae-Young Ha confirmed that, ìover the past 10 months our commitment has paid off.î A successful bid has enabled them to gain a place on a government framework. Jae-Young also said, ìwe are delighted to have secured a contract that will enable us to continue to supply our products to the NHS. î

Oxbridge Pharma Ltd would like to see the Government fulfilling its promise to reduce the burden around procurement administration and implement a central control on advertising of NHS contracts through the Contracts Finder website.'


Reference: SME Two Year On Report, page 9

Commendation letter from David Gigg, Office of the Crown Representative for SMEs

NHS National framework agreement for

the supply of Normal Human Immunoglobulin



Oxbridge has concluded a NHS National framework agreement for the supply of Normal Human Immunoglobulin(Aragam®) with the Department of Health, the United Kingdom