Oxbridge is dedicated to market specialist in selected countries where health care budgets are highly constrained


1. Mr. Jae-young Ha (CEO & Director of Marketing)


Mr. Jae-young Ha, has long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having held increasingly responsible positions within Novartis International AG: Between 1986 and 1997, he held various positions in sales, marketing and operations within Novartis, in Korea, the Philippines and Japan, before overseeing regional operation of Eastern European Business in Basel, Switzerland. Mr. Ha was Head of Business Development of the Central Laboratories in Bern (now, CSL Behring), a not-for-profit institution for the manufacturing and distribution of plasma products founded by the Swiss Red Cross, where he initiated the privatization and the sale of the organization in cooperation with Bain & Co. From 2000-2002 he was Vice President of Mavena AG in Belp, Switzerland, a healthcare wing of Askia AG and specialized in Global Dermatology Clinic Business. Since 2002 he has headed Oxbridge Pharma, based in Worcester Park, Surrey, UK. Mr. Ha holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, with majors in Pharmaceutical Analysis, from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea. He lives in Surrey and is married with three children.


2. Dr. Kenneth J Baird (General Manager)


Upon completion of his PhD at the University of Ulster, Dr K Baird was a college lecturer in Northern Ireland before joining the pharmaceutical industry with Sandoz. He then moved to a specialist hospital position in the North-East before his appointment as Regional Manager. He held sales management positions at regional and national level across a number of different therapy areas.
In 2001 Ken joined Mavena Healthcare to set up a private, specialised, medical service in UK before joining Oxbridge Pharma as General Manager.
Ken has extensive experience across a wider range of pharmaceutical and business areas including sales and marketing, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, and registration.


3. Mr. Richard Minoff


As a 30 year veteran of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, Rich has launched over 75 brands (and companies), including many medical breakthroughs and billionaire blockbusters. During this time he has become a well-known global marketing/ business strategist and brand visionary who has worked in countless disease areas. 
After starting off at GlaxoSmithKline, where he enjoyed a fast-rise through the management ranks, Rich joined Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Once again he quickly rose through the organisation where he became known for his launch and turn-around expertise. His accomplishments included the launch of a new division which, over a 3-year period, grew business 5-fold with his innovative, groundbreaking strategies.
Following these assignments, he helped launch/develop two Top 10 Global healthcare communications firms, Interlink Healthcare Communications, where he was EVP, and Dorland Global, where he was Managing Partner, and then President & CEO. During this 15-year period, he extended his global marketing experience/expertise and has often been turned to as an industry thought leader/expert in Brand Strategy, Global Brand Development, Pre-launch & Launch planning, Brand Revitalization and Marketing Excellence. Today Rich heads up 1 Global Partners, a leading-edge pharmaceuticals and life sciences consultancy, and is an Associate Professor of Business at the Mayes College of Healthcare Business & Policy at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. 
Rich also serves on the Editorial Board of Pharmaceutical Commerce, the International Advisory Board of the Open University School of Business (UK) and is a founding Board member of LifeQual Pharmaceuticals. He is a graduate of The University of Connecticut and received his MBA from The Smith School of Business at The University of Maryland.