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Critical Care


Albumin is the main protein in plasma. It binds to fats, electrolytes, hormones and drugs among other things and can act as a carrier for these substances. Albumin comprises around 60% of total blood protein in plasma and its main function is to regulate the colloid osmotic pressure of the blood and help maintain homeostasis.Human albumin solution is often given to replace lost fluid in patients requiring rehydration and to help restore blood volume in cases of burns, trauma or accompanying major surgery. It is also used in the emergency management of shock in which blood volume must urgently be restored.Albumin solution is sensitive to light and temperature and must be stored between 2-8°C and protected from light.


Oxbridge has a product of Human Albumin 20%. This preparation is for intravenous administration (directly into a vein), with 2.0g, 10g and 20g doses, already dissolved for immediate administration.

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