Oxbridge is dedicated to market specialist in selected countries where health care budgets are highly constrained
Company Profile


Oxbridge Pharma was formed in the UK in 2002 to supply specialty biological products to the UK and emerging markets by coupling available knowledge and expertise with the demand for such high value products at a time of major patent expiries and increasing demand for such high-tech products across the world.
Since then, Oxbridge Pharma has made enormous advances of which even a much larger company would be very proud. Oxbridge has identified markets for high-tech biological products, appointed agents and licensed those products in several countries and supplied the respective markets with product on an ongoing basis.

In the even more specialist area of plasma products, Oxbridge has developed relationships with major manufacturers in Europe and the Far East and has signed agreements to license technology and intellectual property for the fractionation of human plasma and manufacture of products from that plasma. Oxbridge has sourced plasma for fractionation and currently distributes plasma products in selected countries. Marketing authorization applications are in hand for a number of additional products within the EU and the Middle East with further plans to expand our base in each of these geographical areas. In addition, through partnerships and a cooperative venture, Oxbridge is establishing its own supply of plasma in order to further develop and expand our product range and volume. 

By the careful identification of difficult-to-copy products and the demand for those products in target locations, Oxbridge has been able to schedule the necessary licensing of these products with scarce manufacturing capacity available across the world in order to develop a large scale and profitable business. At the same time, through skillful development of its European market, Oxbridge is establishing a reputation in high-value disease areas that continue to grow and into which it will sell its next series of products.